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Planning, Discipline and Dedication are the keys to seamless execution.

How did I get here? Walk in my shoes


Part 1
I’ve found my purpose. My calling. This feeling is beyond me, and my actions are none of my doing. As the first born of 4 girls, I feel like I was naturally born to lead. My parents raised me that way. They encouraged me to speak up, to step up and to show up.
Part 2
As I stepped into my early adult life, I quickly found out that there was no space for me. My energy and confidence was not welcomed. If anything, the exact opposite message was being passed on to me! I was being told to “calm down”, “to chill”. I was “too much”.
Part 3
At that time, my resilience wasn’t strong enough. They broke me, and I started to lose myself. I found myself conforming, and toning down my voice. They did everything they could to put off my fire, and they were winning.
Part 4
That’s until I couldn’t take it anymore! I had no idea where I was going, or how I was going to do it, but it all started with my first biggest and boldest move - quitting my job. It wasn’t particularly the best move, since I had taken ZERO time to plan for my exit - I’m talking finances and just my goals and mission in life.
Part 5
I stepped into the entrepreneurship game blind. I had zero guidance, and being the first in my family to embark on this journey, zero support. No one around me was doing or living the life I wished for. At least, nobody who looked like me.
Part 6
I found solace in international websites, inspiration from my fellow sisters from around the globe. I saw bloggers, freelancers, female founders, speakers you name it. BUT, none of them looked or sounded like me.
Part 7
I took all those learnings and started applying them into my own life. I quickly discovered that in order to get to where I wanted, I had to do things I had never done. I had to start building a culture of discipline, dedication, proper planning and my fave - consistency!
Part 8
Building these traits took so much time - heck I’m still on the journey - continuously growing and unlocking new levels on a daily basis.
Part 9
Slowly by slowly, the results started coming in and my confidence grew. I started receiving compliments on my “consistency”. People started wondering how I did it - how I managed to show up everyday - fearlessly.
Part 10
It is then that I remembered how far I’d come. I reflected on my journey, and how much I had yearned for guidance. For guidance that not only looked like me, but had also lived through similar experiences culturally and socially.
Part 11
I started doing the work. The real work. Putting myself out there, silencing the voices in my head and showing up anyway, being fully present, staying an extra hour, taking a break and pushing a little harder.
Part 12 - To be continued
I put EVERY SUCCESS THEORY to the test and guess what?! They worked! They all worked! BUT wait, I had to work too!!! I was also working, I AM working. My dreams are bigger, and my future is brighter. My hope has multiplied and my possibilities are endless. This can be you too! It all just starts with choosing yourself - respectfully.

Lean into your exceptionality.

Horesia Nyawade

What else am I up to?

Horesia is also the Co-founder, Chief Innovator and Editor-in-Chief at Vuuqa, a digital platform and services network; featuring Africa’s fastest growing audience of entrepreneurs, brands and everyday leaders. 

Born in Kenya and raised in four different countries, Horesia is passionate about the continent and identifies as a Pan African. Her strengths lie in identifying a problem, formulating a strategic solution, and providing a tactical implementation plan. She does through the use of agile practices befitting to the continent’s infrastructure and social fabric. 

Horesia is an industry leader in African brands. Her vision is to unite and empower small businesses in Africa. She assists creatives within Africa to reach a larger customer base by providing access to market through digital platforms. Horesia’s past experience includes working for Deloitte East Africa where she primarily served as a business analyst under the risk advisory department. Horesia holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the Wits Business School.